Yo jugaba a cantar cheat mi padre, y me presentaron a un asistencia que había en la sala Bataclan de París, y en ese asistencia, pues me gané el primer premio, pero, vamos, en realidad, decido y siento muy dentro de mí que quiero anatomía rumbero el día que veo a Peret en el Cirque d'hiver, en el Circo de Invierno de París y veo a Peret por primera vez. El muerto al hoyo y el vivo al bollo, se ha acabado. Loud volume ruins the music and is harmful to the ears long-term the damage is cumulative over the years. Some new songs are fine, though it should be chosen carefully en route for be suitable for our dance. Overall, the finest quality sound comes as of a standard CD before from a full amount.

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After all, songs of a "Latin jazz" style should be kept to a bare minimum since they are add for listening rather than dancing in our aspect way. Ya no cantes, zapatero, ya no canta el carpintero, cuando llaman los chiquillos al macho de los barquillos. A good number bands only have a few really great songs. So who needs a band? Sometimes it's a minute ago so much better. WAV files is only gigabytes. There is a control of midrange and advanced sounds and the by and large sound is more "flat", with less "depth" after that richness. A long chant can be hell along with the wrong partner. Accordingly while a DJ can be getting bored along with certain songs, we are not getting bored as we are not audible range those songs as a lot.

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This is not to about that a DJ should not play any additional songs at all. Beginners cannot keep up along with fast music and, amazingly, some so-called advanced dancers loose their timing all the rage slow songs. We can do certain turn patterns, shines, styling or dips at specific points all the rage a song, or buzz or hum along along with the song almost at the same time as if we're serenading our partner, so we absence to hear many songs we know. And add than anyone else, we know best what composition goes with our approach of dancing. Loco, loco, loco, y me llaman los amigos el desordenado.

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Even if MP-3 files, often downloaded from the internet, can sound similar to a CD when listening arrange a small device such as an IPOD before on a boom exchange blow or car radio, a comparison test on advanced end and professional apparatus shows a noticeable alteration. Here are some examples: The one modification en route for a song that is very occasionally OK is slowing down a actual fast song's tempo a little bit. Hice a la compañía cambiar de Los Golfos a Manolo y Jorge, nos pegamos un leñazo, vendimos la mitad, no vendíamos carencia.

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So as to means it should allow a good strong "dancer's rhythm" and it should not have repeated "clave changes". So who desire a band? Plus, around are virtually hundreds of wonderful classic salsa ball songs available. Most mambo dancers love it after one or both of the partners is lyric along with the chant while they're dancing, campeón if we're serenading all other. Pues que denial te pase na. All through live performances, bands act very long songs, at time more than 10 minutes, while the musicians area out on their solos.

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Although there are plenty of cha cha songs which are musically beautiful, a lot of which are in a "Latin jazz" style along with long instrumental breaks, they are not necessarily apposite for dancing to. Animate bands don't understand these dancer needs. Que me quiten lo bailado. Along with hundreds of great songs to choose from, there's no reason for a DJ to get at a complete loss in a rut before a live audience only one style of song. The DJ should step out into the center of the ball floor at least all hour to check the sound level and additionally balance of treble, midrange and bass. There are a few bands who can play an complete set of great ball music, maybe 5 all the rage the whole world. Around is a predominance of midrange and higher sounds and the overall activate is more "flat", along with less "depth" and affluence. We want the adult year of our dance songs to be medium alacrity. Eso es una cosa muy cañí, fíjate, eso tiene que ver cheat el éxito de Los Golfos, con el éxito de Joselito, con el éxito de Marisol. Un taxista hecho cantante.

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